Produce and Flower Subscriptions (C.S.A.)

Produce and Flower Subscriptions (C.S.A.)

Produce and Flower Subscriptions 

We offer a 12 week produce subscription, from the week of July 18th through the week of Oct. 3rd. We will be charging $30 per week. A full season 12-week subscription will therefore be $360. We also have biweekly 6-week subscriptions for $180. If you would like to secure your spot, we are asking for a 50% down payment, with the balance due at the first pickup in July—$180 down payment for full subscriptions and $90 down payment for the alternating-week subscription. If you prefer to pay the entire subscription amount up front rather than in two payments, that is also fine!

We will have tomatoes, cucumbers. various types of squash, various peppers, egg plant, broccoli, various greens, sweet corn, leeks, rutabagas, green beans, carrots, etc.. See photo above for an example of a weekly subscription offering from last year (6 subscriber-portions shown).

Payment options to reserve your subscription–paypal to, Venmo to Susan-Nemcek-1, or send a check to Mullins&Nemcek LLC 11898 N. 75th St. Longmont CO 80503.

If you have any questions contact us on Facebook (Willow Farm Contemplative Center Page), or by email at or call 303-772-3743.

Pickup days/options will be announced as we get closer to July. Our tentative plan is to go with the schedule from last year, with two options to choose from (probably Wednesday and Friday). We are limiting subscriptions to 20, so let us know soon if you want to reserve your spot. 

Flowers Subscriptions Also Available!

We are offering two main flower subscription options.  The first is a 12 week subscription coordinated with the 12-weeks of the produce subscriptions, so that one might choose to combine produce and flowers for that period (the week of July 18th through the week of Oct. 3rd).

The 2nd is a 16-week flower subscription beginning 4 weeks earlier on the week of June 13th.

We also offer the bi-weekly versions of these two options during the same timeframes for half price.

Flower subscriptions are $25 per week.

Summary of Subscription Plans (with prices)

1) Full produce subscription (12 weeks) $360   ($180 downpayment).  Beginning the week of July 18th.

2) Bi-weekly produce subscription (6 weeks) $180  ($90 downpayment). Beginning the week of July 18th.

3) 16-week flower subscription $400 ($200 deposit). Beginning the week of June 13th.

4) Bi-weekly 8-week flower subscription $200 ($100 deposit). Beginning the week of June 13th.

5) 12 week flower subscription corresponding with the date frame of the full produce subscription—beginning the week of July 18th. $300  ($150 downpayment)

6) Bi-weekly 6-week flower subscription.  Beginning the week of July 18th.

Combined Subscription Plans

7) Combined produce and flowers 12-week subscription  $660 ($330 downpayment)

8) Bi-weekly combined subscription. 6-weeks (alternating) $330 ($165 downpayment)

9) Extended 16 week flower subscription combined with full 12-week produce subscription $760 ($380 downpayment)

10) B-weekly subscription during 16-week extended flower timeframe combined with 12-week produce timeframe (i.e. 8 weeks of flowers with 6-weeks of produce) $380 ($190 downpayment)

When reserving your subscription please specify your plan of choice (# 1 through 10)